Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tagged frm bob

I am: a mismatched combination o' subconscious n conscious mind going in entirely

diffrnt directions

I think:very high

I know:very little

I want:peace,glory and fame

I have:very little to gain and very little to loose

I wish:I had the power to be invisible

I hate:snakes,hideous and pretentious people,backstabbers

I miss:the fun i had in my school days

I fear:god…

I feel:very romantic at night

I hear:good melodious songs

I smell:fishy at times..(he he)

I crave :fr her

In search:of a better tomorrow

I wonder:how the world would come to an end

I regret::(

I love:good food

I ache:after I sit in my computer fr so long

I am nt: cruel

I dance:when I gt a suitable partner fr me

I sing:quite often at home

I cry:when i think about her

I write:insane stuff

I win:the heart of ഗിര്‍ല്സ്.lol

I lose:everything I love

I never:do things as I plan

I always:stay awake till midnight

I listen:to music,girls

I can u sually be found:in my room

I need :somebody to give to give me mental backup all the times

I am happy about::what god has given me

I imagine: a lot

I tag:everybody who reads this one

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

obscure destiny

2 days before

I am lost. I think I am lost a long time ago, just that I realized it now. Does what you do in this life determines what you get here or is it the obfuscating Karma that plays spoilsport?? I dont' think God is impartial, he cant' be. Its' a problem faced by even him. Because if he doesnt make someone Bigger, Better, Richer and smarter than the others, how will people dream?? How will the fantasies of mortals fly high?? Then there are some of us who dont want to work for what they want to be, to earn or to be close to. They will sit there full of idle corpulence praying to God to award them what they want. To make them what they wish to be, to get them closer to someone they want to be close to. They will sit at the fence doing nothing the entire life but just praying. Imagine God does not award them. What happens? atleast the praying ones will lose faith in him. If they realize that for sitting idle and just praying to HIM isnt' going to help, they will stop dreaming. If people stop dreaming, who will pray to him? See, even God has ego. So God decides to award some of them here and there. Now from what will he reward them? Who will make the effort? Ofcourse silly, the hardworkers will!!!. God has power to distribute. U will work hard, but as a sales tax or commission, God will take some reward that u deserve for spending sleepless nights, making efforts towards your goal. And he will give that portion of reward to the praying sect so that their belief is maintained and god's authority remains established. Now what portion of your awrd is deducted, when it is deducted and how it is deducted is not controlled by you. Its' him that decides all the parameters. And there is no one to audit the accounts of God, is there?? Thats why your parents, friends, well wishers, philosophers and guides advise you to pray even if you work very hard. So that HE remains happy with your sycophancy and deduct a little from your account in a manner which hurts the least. Deduction will be there for sure, you see there is no other way GOD can keep him authority and make others bow before him.You might ask "What sins had I committed for this tribulation"?? "Why do some people get more than they deserve??". Its' all maths my friend, a cruel kind of maths which is not objective but subjective. Depends upon HIS whims and fantasies. I have suffered too long. I have been wronged too many times,

(present situation)12:15 Wednesday( 11_6_2008)
But I think my tribulations are going to end soon because I have ultimate faith in god nw. why has I been so loathful abt him till nw?well,my nebulous life for the past few years has made me closer to god nw.I Seek for a change nw because we are all silly creature living at his clemency. pray and he will reward u!god is preponderant and ubiquitous and I feel pity on the nihilist guys around who never seek for a change. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

2 days after???????????????.........

This is me!!so obscure and pandemonious abt everything.

Monday, May 26, 2008

“Am I or the others crazy?”

Einstein often asked himself “Am I or the others crazy?” I believe there is no correct answer. Critical analysis of one’s own behavior and actions can probably help in the compartmentalization of thoughts, which often leads to a strong belief towards a particular school of thought. However, the big question is how critical you are? Always believing that one is right may not necessarily imply that the course of action is indeed right. If that was the case there might be people with no regrets and if there are I haven’t found one. One might debate that right and wrong are relative terms and there is no absolute meaning. So that leaves the question unanswered.

Einstein was a great man and a brilliant thinker. He had amazed the world with his theories. People say that he was a determined person who believed in himself and when nobody believed in him he still went on. Just to ponder on the thought is that really the way to go? Where is the concept of cooperative development? May be he himself was not certain about what he believed and that is the reason he could not help others understand. May be that is the reason he contemplated “Am I or the others crazy?” One might say that others were too naive to understand what Einstein had to offer and now it seems about right but again going back to the world where theory of relativity does not exist what really made Einstein believe that he was right? I guess we have to ask Einstein himself. The point is although the earth below his legs was shaking with the ideas of others he decided to take the high road. The reason, I think, is intense self belief. The question again is how to build such a strong self belief? How to distinguish this self belief from vanity and narcissism? I guess answer to that question would answer “Am I or the other crazy?” However as I said there is no person without regret so self belief can be wrong sometimes.

I think there is always a probability associated when one is trying to find out the answer to the question and you can just increase the probability of an answer but it never reaches the absolute value.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

"I love you", three words could drive you to hell! There is no love at our age! Its just a fad, poor exhibitionism of care and affection. Elders keep on issuing advices which simply go to the bins! .
'Roadside-romeos', walking hand-in-hand with their mates, smiling and sometimes giggling with romantic gestures is not even an inch of love.

I feel pity for most of my friends!,they have got themselves indulged in the 'business of love'.I am the only patient listener to most of their fabulous 'love-stories', and that has made me, even more loving among my friends! I don't listen to them just like that, since i have never ever fallen in love(he he chumma), i gather their experiences on this arena and try to feel them, after all i have heard or rather over heard folks saying, "heavenly!, love is heavenly". but, sorry! i have never felt that love equals bliss.
I must say, its moronic to fall into love! rubbish! it degrades you!, you shall get tangled in your own web, and the other party walks away, kicking a bowl of dust over your face! its is the time to enjoy folks!, go to your verandah, hear the sparrows chirping?, felt the lovely music of nature flowing over your face?, ever seen the moon shining overhead?, and the sun shining with full vigor, as if pouring the dawn to the darkness, that is nearing its close. If yes, you have experienced heaven! that is were the message of life lies. the next day you go out during sunrise, try recapitulating those moments spent with your lovers, i bet you would slander yourself to do such a thing, and if not, believe me:, you have been devastated, by love!

Now, of course you have exceptions in every case, but that cannot be regarded as a point to discard whatever i have already mentioned. This article is strictly for those who have never loved anyone or have 'loved and lost!', guys who are busy making the 1001 th edition of the famous 'Romeo and Juliet' series, would certainly find this stuff, shit! if you already have grudges cropping up in your minds against me, do mention them in the comments , i shall be glad to have the opportunity to measure the amount by which love has destroyed you! that was all, at least for time-being, but i should like to end with the following quotes which interested me to write this article:
# The hottest love has the coldest end.

# I was never one to patiently pick up broken fragments and glue them together again and tell myself that the mended whole was as good as new. What is broken is broken -- and I'd rather remember it as it was at its best than mend it and see the broken places as long as I lived.

# Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop.
Well guys, for how long shall we have to bear with them?, Yes, those creepy, contradictory creatures which nullify our talents and ultimately have us devastated ! I have witnessed some of the most horrifying love stories, which have victimized some of my best friends. Now, some find the game of love very interesting, nice occupation to pass your time with, if you are one of them, it is very fine! but those who are trying to make intimate relationships, probably you will meet your doom soon! By the time my call reaches you, i fear, we will have another one, 'biting the dust' !Live with a cause !

but,shall i ask u one qs??is thr any guy out here who hasnt felt any kinda of love fr a girl?