Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tagged frm bob

I am: a mismatched combination o' subconscious n conscious mind going in entirely

diffrnt directions

I think:very high

I know:very little

I want:peace,glory and fame

I have:very little to gain and very little to loose

I wish:I had the power to be invisible

I hate:snakes,hideous and pretentious people,backstabbers

I miss:the fun i had in my school days

I fear:god…

I feel:very romantic at night

I hear:good melodious songs

I smell:fishy at times..(he he)

I crave :fr her

In search:of a better tomorrow

I wonder:how the world would come to an end

I regret::(

I love:good food

I ache:after I sit in my computer fr so long

I am nt: cruel

I dance:when I gt a suitable partner fr me

I sing:quite often at home

I cry:when i think about her

I write:insane stuff

I win:the heart of ഗിര്‍ല്സ്.lol

I lose:everything I love

I never:do things as I plan

I always:stay awake till midnight

I listen:to music,girls

I can u sually be found:in my room

I need :somebody to give to give me mental backup all the times

I am happy about::what god has given me

I imagine: a lot

I tag:everybody who reads this one


MaStEr KeNoBi said...

Da.. u forgot to give a title for the post.. and where is the ten super secrets tag?... :P.. c mon .. i know u can spare ten super secrets abt u.. hehe.. and also

"I wonder:how I was born"

errr... u do go to shikkus class right?? :P

fantasia said...

i alrdy did da tag...romantic @ nite and wastes time online, eh?? do I smell sumthing fishy ??
or is it just u?

g-man said...

lol i don't think peace goes hand in hand with glory and fame, not by a long shot

you crave for her? what was that post cribbing about the concept of love then? ;)

you wonder how you were born? would you like me to take a class for you? i could explain in detail, with study material to aid me :)

and i have already done this one :)

Matangi Mawley said...

nice tag!

vasu said...

@master kenobi...ya i forgot..many things..ya..i will write down the ten secrets abt me..

vasu said...

@matagi....thnks a lot!

vasu said...

@fantasia..mmm...i know u have already..arrived at a conclusion by comments on that!

vasu said...

@gman..nice point ..i messed it up..glory,fame and peace wont match together
..mmmm..recent developements in love..(he he)
ohh..err..grammatical mistake my gt study material too ??real one or the artificial one ??

Knatchbulley Hughzscene said...

:P at sum of ur ans.
nice tag tho.. will do it on my new blog :)

Rashi said...

:) gud fun reading the way u write...

mayz said...

i did this tag a few days...n i really loved doin it...

**I wonder:how I was born
really??? :o

**I lose:everything I love
can totally relate to dat!!

vasu said...


vasu said...

@rashi..thanks a lot

vasu said...

@mayz..ha ha..i messed it up alltogether.

Luther..... said...

boss,..teri yeh blog padna vala ko award dhena chahiye..wer's mi prize???